While finding the right employee for your team can save you time and money, creating a good workplace culture is the key to your business success. You want employees who are invested in your business and understand the industry, have a good work ethic and can perform at a high level.

Create your high performing team!

AgFirst can support you with your Human Resource Management with:

Strategic Planning
We work with you to understand your business and define your future goals and objectives.

Work with us to ‘right size’ your business, or to review your current capacity and future needs.

We can assist in developing rosters, ensuring the ‘people’ and ‘skills’ match will suit your requirements.

Performance Management
An underperforming team member can be disruptive to your business, we can help put some processes in place to change behaviour, or assist with disciplinary procedures if required.

Training and Development
We can assist with the upskilling of your team members, or refer you to the appropriate facilitators to suit your team requirements.

Remuneration Guidance
Our industry experience means we are well placed to provide you with guidance on current remuneration levels for specific roles.

Exit Interviews
Understand what improvements could be made to your business from previous team members to make it an attractive place to work.